Dolphin M600

Our leading pool cleaner
Maximum cleaning performance
with minimum effort and hassle

Maximize Family Time

Your pool should be ready for action at any time. Go robotic with Maytronics.

Dolphin by Maytronicsby Maytronics

There are some things you’ll always be able to rely on. With Dolphin, its quality, reliability and convenience. But mostly, it’s knowing that your pool will be providing endless hours of enjoyment – whenever your family is ready. Dolphin gives you real peace of mind.



Residential Pool Cleaners

Dolphin pool cleaners offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for achieving a consistently clean pool. Unlike pressure and suction pool cleaners, which depend on an external pump and filter, Dolphin robotic pool cleaners get their power from a standard outlet and have their own pool filtration system. Moving freely around the pool, Dolphin robots remove debris and dust from the water while scrubbing the pool floor, walls and waterline with an advanced pool brushing system.

Residential Pool Cleaners

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners clean any type or shape of pool -- efficiently and thoroughly. No other automatic, residential pool cleaner comes close to Dolphin robots' ease of use, performance and reliability – delivering years of cost effective pool cleaning.

Residential Pool Cleaners

What You Need

Imagine your pool as a constant source of enjoyment. That’s how we envision things for you. It’s what drove us to pioneer robotic pool cleaning decades ago and what drives us today to continually improve our innovation. We’re focused on making your life easier and your pool cleaner. That means you can rest assured your family, friends and pool are protected. It’s time to turn on your Dolphin, sit back and enjoy.